Thursday, March 03, 2011

February Update

Feels like it has been forever that i have come on here and given you all an update of any kind. Life always has it's way of throwing you a curve ball. Well, if I thought it was all running smoothly and nothing interesting was happening besides me changing my eating habits/starting to exercise and my crazy business. My dad is ill and I have been focusing on his health. I have events coming out of my ying yang but I am doing them and am thankful that it kind of takes my minds off things. I have been sticking to my lifestyle change but haven't gone into the office for about 3 weeks. I need to call and get my life back in order. I started up at the gym by my house and did a class there 2 days ago. I am still in pain. Man, does this guy really work us.

I will try and send everyone my meal plan but you have to give me some time. There are about 25 of you still waiting for it. It's coming but will take a little while longer.

Hope you are all staying on track and also keeping strong with everything that might be happening in your lives.



mammy2one said...

Oh Vern, I'm sorry to hear your dad's not well. I'll say lots of prayers for you guys - chin up girlfriend.

Donna said...

Hi Veronica, can you add me to your list for a meal plan? Thanks,

Donna said...

Hi Veronica, could you please add me to your list for your meal plan? Thanks,

Leanne said...

Hi Veronica

I love your blog. You sound like your a busy mom like me who is sandwiched between her young children and older parents. And of course you are the last one in line to be taken care of. I have struggled with my weight all my life and I heard about Dr. Poon from a former co-worker of mine. Her Husband was a patient of his. I am going to buy the book and ready it.

If you could add me to your list for the two week meal plan I would be very appreciative.

My email is

Thank you so much for your fantastic blog!!!