Monday, August 08, 2011

Time Flies

 Can't believe we are so close to leaving on our family trip. Thought I would come in and just update on my very crazy weekend. It was another Edna and Veronica adventures. We did a wedding uptown at Presidente and then had to head all the way downtown. We were one person short this weekend so Edna and I had to work fast in order to complete everything. So off we went to Harbourfront Chinese Restaurant. I have never been there and did not know what to expect. The manager tells me to park in the little driveway. I proceed to head over to the little driveway and it's the boardwalk. People are moving out of the way and looking at me like I am nuts. At this point Edna and I know we are in the wrong area. I make the decision to leave the car right there (with blinkies on) and leave there to watch for the car. I start walking into this building that looks like a shopping centre. Well, to my surprise it is a shopping mall. I think oh my I must be in the wrong place all together. A man comes up and explains that the restaurant is to the left, then to the right and then upstairs. I head that way with this heavy arrangement in one hand and a tall glass vase in the other. Yup, through the mall and finally get to the elevator and ask another man where this restaurant is and he points to the food court. You've got to be kidding me is running thou my mind right now. Get up there and sure enough I am in the right place. Asked the manager there to send me a couple of guys to bring up the items. Done, now I want to get the heck outta there. Get in the car to see Edna was so nervous she chewed off all her shellaced We are trying to get off this walkway and no one is moving out of the way. My car is surrounded by people. I thought this could not be happening. Well, really I was thinking I really need another Starbucks in order get thou this day. A security guy comes over and stops people and traffic for us to get out. Thank God! I have totally forgotten what it is like to drive downtown. Thankfully I really do not do a lot of weddings down there. We keep them more to the Vaughan area. Whew!!

 My family also checked out a new restaurant called Sofra Grill located at Dufferin just north of Langstaff. We headed out for dinner with my sales rep. Tal. We truly had a wonderful time and the food was great. I had the salad with grilled chicken breast. No word of a lie the chicken on top was 5 huge pieces. I can't wait to go back. Yum-O! Thanks Tal.

 We are still on Saturday and I get home and I am wired. Checked out who's on my bbm and get talking to Aimee (Edna's Sister) and she asks if we should get a girls night started right now. Well, why not. Edna, Aimee and myself had a wonderful time sipping wine (yes, I had diet coke) shellacing and just chatting the night away.

 Right about now you think after 1 sympathy delivery to Kettleby at 9 am, 2 weddings, dinner out and girls night I should be about ready to go to sleep. Well, no I still had to go to my night pick up from one of the weddings. Met up with Nikki at 12:30 am and waited until 1:30 am to pack up everything.

 Got home at 2 am and I was wired. What an awesome day! I just went non stop and it felt great to have a great day with my side kick Edna, my beautiful family, and my friends. Thanks to all who made my day a special one. Love you all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica! I hope you don't mind me contacting you here... I've been looking at your blog and I think it's just what I need. I've been on Dr Poon's plan for just over a week and I am struggling. I think I'm bored - I seem to have the same meal over and over - and in truth, I'm already sick of it!! Would you mind sending me your meal plan? I think that, paired with your recipes you posted on your blog will really help me. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for your posts. They help!!
Have a great rest of the summer!
here's my email (if you don't mind sending it directly)...
thanks again!