Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August Already

 It's hard to believe July is gone and we are here in August. I am busy here with events, taking care of appointments with my dad, entertaining the kids. I finally buckled and put the kids in camp for a week so I can get some work done. Today was day 2 and let me tell you my office is clean. Yup, you read it right clean. I love saying that word. I am sure hubby is also happy that it is clean. I am surprised he hasn't said anything to me yet. Maybe it's the fact that I have been so busy and the only time I got to relax I really needed it.
 I have packed Tristan, Ethan and myself for Disney. Steve is the last one. He seams to think I am nuts for packing ahead of time. Let's see who will be laughing. I have 3 to pack and he has himself. I am looking forward to our trip. We finally told the boys we were going with our friends Edna, Marlon, Jaden and Noah. I am looking forward to spending time with the B family in Disney. I'll certainly post pictures.

 I better get going as I am paying bills on line and have to get something to eat. Have an awesome week!

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