Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Baptism is over

Things have been crazy the last two months. With Ethan's Baptism over we can finally get things back on track. I can not believe how much work was involved in preparing for one day. He looked great and everything looked exactly the way I wanted it to. I could not have planned a better day. It was perfect.

I have another customer album to complete. That should be finished within two weeks. I have another two classes still to plan for Croptopia. I already got my sponsorship for the first class. I hope all the items come in time. Only 2 months and 2 days left. Rose and I are very excited. She will taking care of the car rental. Thank God because that is one less thing I have to worry about.

Edna doesn't know that Rose and I got her the Revolution for her birthday. I am sure I will see her eyes pop out of her head when she sees it. I am so excited about giving it to her that I can not hold it inside any longer. I better stay away from her.

I am still wired and can not get myself to sleep. I am going to pay for it tomorrow when I have to get up early to take T to dance class. He is looking forward to it as he has missed two weeks. One was because of me working and the other was March break. Looks like I will be signing him up again next year as he loves it there.

I am looking to getting tons of scrapping done this weekend and also getting next weekends class prepared for all 13 kids. It will be fun because instead of mini paper bag albums I am doing mini albums with them. I also have one boy in the class which is always a nice change.

Better go and clean out this desk and also reply to e-mail and log in to some of my favorite scrapping sites.


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