Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank God it's sleep time

Well, today was another running after the kids day. Tristan for the most part was a pretty good little boy. Up until 4 p.m. that is. I ran around Ethan all day. This new walking busy is a lot for the poor parents. He smashed his head on the glass table. My heart almost broken into a hundred pieces. He was o.k. but boy was I scared. I would have purchased my furniture so differently if I knew what children were all about.

Once four o'clock came around Edna called and we were having a chat about our upcoming US shopping trip. Yes, we are going all the way there so I can purchase Tristan's Bionicals party supplies. Well, I guess it was the fact that he was not getting my attention because he was doing everything possible to cause trouble. He was also hurting his baby brother. That's ticks me off. Act like a monkey if you would like but do not hurt another human for attention. My poor baby.

I remembered to call Aimee for her birthday. It was so nice that the kids got the chance to sing to her. She is always there for all of their birthdays so it was fitting we called and sang to her. I will stop by later after their dinner out to drop off our gift. Next year this time she will also have a little one. I am so excited and am thinking that she might have a little girl. Something in my heart wants to believe that this is a little girl. I would be over the moon. However, I am looking forward to her cousin who will be here on February 22nd. I have already shopped for her. I just need to wrap all the gifts.

The boys are now in bed. I will go and have a shower. I am also waiting for my old friend Lena to call. She would like to book an appointment and also like to catch up on lost time. I attended high school with her. She found me on facebook.

Well, I better get going because I also want to get some scrapbooking time in. I have been so inspired lately. I do not know what this is all about but I will create, create and create.

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