Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy February!!!!

I can not believe today is 3 weeks from when I fell down the stairs. My ankle still hurts and is swollen. I am able to walk without the cane and can do everything I use to except wear normal shoes. I am starting to believe that crazy things like this only happen to me.

When to Costco this morning to get my digital pictures printed and was surprised to see weird pictures on my in-laws camera (Yes, I have to develop theirs as well). Well guess who got a hold of the camera when we weren't looking........TRISTAN!!!! Yup, he has done it again. The pictures are so funny. I was laughing to myself while at the machine. The people around me thought I was nuts. What they don't know is that I am going nuts with all these men in my life. lol

Valentine's Day I had to work but ended up giving Steve his gift late at night. I gave him a box of puppy paws from Laura Secord and a altered love album. I've attached a few pictures.

and here's the card that I made him:

I could not believe that he loved this gifts. I in turn received a box of chocolate truffles and a gift certificate to go and get any service I wanted. I went for a manicure. He also took me out to dinner just the two of us. My in-laws watched the kids for a couple of hours while we went to Red Lobster in Oshawa. It was so nice to sit and talk about something other then the kids. Also made for a quite dinner where we were able to eat our meal without anyone looking at us like we were nuts. The usual when the kids are around. lol
Things with the business have been crazy. Business is starting back up with no sight of it being quite any time soon. I Left Michael's and will not be teaching classes there anymore. Makes it easier to focus on other things in my life. I have been asked to be a designer for a digital scrapbooking company. I love working with the software and can see me being very happy. Just need to meet with them and tell them what I want out of this deal. I've also hired someone to do all my deliveries. She is wonderful. I always find wonderful people to work for me. I can see this being an awesome year. Can't wait to get Edna, Rose and Lisa busy this year.
I have been super inspired with my scrapbooking. I have so much on the go right now. I guess because Croptopia is just around the corner and I need to start planning my classes. I know I want to do a 12x12 Baby Boy and Baby Girl Album Class, a Acrylic album and something a little easier. I still do not know what it will be.
I will certainly try and start posting more often (now that I remember my log in info).

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