Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A day in the USA

We decided that after Ethan's swim class that we would head across the boarder for some shopping. I was set on finding the perfect bedding for the boys rooms. Yes, you did catch that after deciding we were going to put them into the same we decided that we should just keep them in their own rooms for this time. We will step up on hiring the right people to finish the basement and get on it. I am just worried that they will be working while I'm still very much in the middle of wedding season. I guess it will all work itself out. It always does.

I did not take any pictures today. I did take the camera but ended up doing so much shopping that it really didn't make itself out of the diaper bad at all. We hit the Olive Garden for lunch then headed over to the Walden Galleria for some shopping. I really only purchased a lot of items at Bath & Body Works and at Lynne Bryant. I replaced all my bras and undies. I can not believe I saved a total of $200 just purchasing the items in the US. Here in Canada the items would have cost $275. This is the amount I usually spend on the same amount of items. I was so thrilled with my purchases I really did not care if I bought anything else. I was still in search of the perfect bedding for the boys rooms. I walked into Target and sure enough they had the exact pattern and colours I used. This is great as I never would have thought that this could be possible without purchasing the items before you go ahead and paint a whole room. I guess you can say it worked itself out as always.

The beds will be delivered tomorrow and the boys are both very excited to be getting new beds and Tristan a new big boy room. I'll have to take pictures and post as soon as I am done with the last touches and also have to go to Ikea for some last decor items.

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