Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's going to be a long night

We are trying to get the boys into their big boy beds. Yesterday was the first night for Tristan going from a toddler bed to a double size bed. At first he did not want to get into it and then we finally convinced him that it was cool and this is what the big boys do. He went to bed. We came up around 10:30 pm and sure enough we found him sleeping on the floor with his Thomas blanket from his old bed. I felt so bad for him. As a mother you want to see them grow but on another side you want them to stay the same forever. We placed him back into his bed and that was that. We woke up at 8 am and sure enough he was still sleeping. This is the first time in all his 5 years has he slept in longer than 7 am. We were thrilled. Paying for it now but thrilled this morning.

Fast forward to tonight. We set up Ethan's bed and he is coming out of the crib and going into a twin bed. It is 10 pm and I believe we finally got him into bed and to sleep. He hasn't napped all day so that we can make this easier on him. But he fought us all the way. He did not want to stay in the bed. He has been hanging off my blinds. I feel so bad for him because he seams to think that the bed is bad. He is only 21 months but we moved Tristan at the same time and it was an awesome experience. I guess having Thomas on our side helped. We purchased the Little Tikes Thomas Train Bed from Sears. It cost an arm and a leg but once he was in it we use to say he had to keep Thomas company. He just wanted to make Thomas the Train happy so he would stay in there like a good little boy. This time we did not want the same thing happening of getting Ethan into a toddler bed and then again into a big boy bed. I hope that tonight goes well for all parties involved. I know my poor husband who has been working him butt off while being off work will just hit the roof. I feel bad for him because he is so use to going into the office and leaving this craziness at home. This week he has been living it with us. We have cleaned out most of the house, painted and changed over Tristan's room, changed Ethan's bed and the biggy has been cleaning out the closet. We have even listed the pool, beds and treadmill so that we can get this house ready for more renos. I know some call us crazy and think we should move into a larger home but I love it here. We have wonderful neighbours and a great house that was our first major purcahse. The car was just a small purchase in my eyes.

Tomorrow will be Wonderland day. I am looking forward to having some time to have fun with the kids. They love it there. Tristan wants to go on all the big rides but doesn't understand that he is still too small. He gets mad at me and says he is a huge boy. lol

Good night and wish us luck.....please..............

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