Monday, July 14, 2008

We are on a mission

It's almost midnight (by the time this is posted it will be) and we are still painting the boys new room. I took Tristan today and we purchased the beds, mattress' and covers. I still have yet to find the perfect conforters. Maybe tomorrow in the States. Yes, we are heading for the boarder for some shopping. I always love going as there is so many different items down there. The boys room is going to look awesome. The paint is stunning and the circles are coming out just as I wanted. I'll have to take a few pictures when there is sunlight and post for all to see. We will not go to bed until it is all done. I am tired but think this is the best thing to do or else if the boys get another day of us trying to get things done they will go completly crazy on us. lol

Started swimming with Ethan this morning and he loves the water. I have never had a problem with either of the boys being in water. They love it. I think it helps that I started them swimming very young. They are like two little fish in water. I guess that they take after their mother. Finally one thing I can find that does not belong to Steve. Only fair since they look exactly like him.

I am loving having Steve home. I guess because first it really makes a difference with the boys. They are more calm with Daddy around and second because at some point I can actually speak to an adult. Without it being on the phone or on facebook chat. Actually just finished speaking to my sister in-law Nancy. We've had a wonderful time speaking together these last few times. I feel like we are getting closer and that makes me super happy. I really miss them as we really do not have a large family so Steve and his brother not really close bothers me. I guess because my sister and I are super close. We talk every single day and sometimes it's 3 or 4 times a day. I know some of you are thinking that many times we should have nothing to say. On the contary we talk about books, work, kids, hubbies, Maggie, the boys, the boys, the boys or yeah did I mention the boys. My sister loves them and can't stop talking about my boys all the time. Lately we've had a lot of gardening talk since she is getting her back yard designed. I am so excited because I can not wait to go for a visit just a sisters night and sit in the back and laugh like we love to. Sometimes this is what we have to do to enjoy life and just stop and smell the beautiful peonies she will eb planting. Yes, I did say peonies. I hope that it turns out to be more beautiful than what it looks like on paper. My sister and brother in-law deserve it.

I hope to have completed a few things that we wanted to in the time that Steve is home on vacation but if not then there is always next months vacation. I know he gets another week off in August and then again in September another 2 weeks for our Disney vacation. Which is now offically booked and paid. Yeah, baby here we come. I can't wait. I guess I am more excited then the kids. I just want to see my boys beautiful little faces looking at all the wonderful magic that happens in Dsiney. I also want to see Cinderella and get a picture with just me and her. Steve thinks I am nuts and that the character will think so too. I say of gives a monkeys behind since I will only live once and who knows when the next Disney vacation will be. I will do it and look super gay but at least I will never have to go and not know that I didn't do it when I had the chance.

I better get going and get myself a drink and then head back to the boys room to get to my circle design adn painting. Steve and I will surely be sick of painting for a little while.

Good Night!

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just another stay at home mom said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the completed room....and don't forget to invite me over to Lu's when her new patio is done......I drink too!!!