Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Farm Life

Yesterday we went up to Markham to Whittemore Farm for Today's Parent Day. Packed a picnic lunch. All attendees where Tristan, Ethan, myself, Rose, Alex, Danielle, Vanessa and Francesco. We truly had a wonderful time except for two times when Tristan decided he was doing his own thing and just wondering where he wanted without telling me. I almost had a heart attack. Other than that the kids got to come down and huge slide, duckie races, hay bales, sand lot, bubbles station, picture station, PlayStation and so much more. I think we could have stayed there all day but at about 2:30 thunder and lightening storm was approaching and Rose really wanted to get outta there. She made me laugh because she is usually the one who is chilled and relaxed. Here are some pictures of our day.

Ethan taking the tractor for a ride.

Tristan and Alex on the tractor.

Tristan up on the hay bales.

My little man wanting to climb up the hay bales like this big brother.

Tristan and Alex pumping water to get their little duckie to the other side.

There goes the little duckie.

Mommy Bellotto waiting to save the duckie on the other end.

Tristan milking the fake cow. Really cool concept as there is water that comes out. So it feels like you are actually milking the cow for real.

Ethan being silly for the camera.

The Mommy's being silly.

Tristan, Alex, Vanessa and Francesco being silly after lunch.

My little boys beautiful little face seeing all the sand in the sand lot.Oh boy did he have fun.

Ethan playing in the sand.

Knocked out cold.

He still can keep going and going. I believe the model we received here is solar powered.

The man who made it all possible by getting us there on time....Jeeves. Never leave home without him.

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