Thursday, July 10, 2008

More flowers and more craziness

They should just call this the crazy house. These boys ahve me running around like a chicken without a head. I am looking forward to this upcoming week as Steve is home for the week and gets to see the craziness for himself. They never cause trouble when he is around. He must have something in him that they know not to mess with. A mom is always the run to person. I know my mother was. I did have it easy with my daddy as I was a daddy's girl but if you wanted some comfort you better go to the women of the house.

On tap for this upcoming week we have tons of stuff planned. We will give Tristan his big boy room and re-decorate the room with paint, new bed and new bedding. I'll have to post everything as it is going to look great. Can't wait to get started and hopefully this will show him that he needs to be a big boy now.

Just finished designing some more flowers. Only a few fuctions this weekend. Starts tomorrow and continues until Sunday. I will post up some pictures tomorrow after they have all been designed.

Friday night is ladies scrapbook night. I can not wait for Rose to come by and do some layouts. I really just need to complete some layouts because I have an on-line crop planned for this weekend. It will take place at come by and have some fun. Myself and Adalis the other design team member will be hosting the weekend. Some great prizes donated by 2Gals Scrappin', Toot Ribbon Club, Myself, and Adalis. I'm really excited and look forward to seeing many new faces.

I am happy that I actually got Tristan into summer camp and swimming. Ethan will also start swimming for 2 weeks. So in between both boys I will be at the community center for 5 weeks straight. Who said this was summer vacation.....for who??? Certainly not the mom's.

I'll have to blog this whole weekend as I am sure there will be a lot to say.

Good Night!

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