Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gloomy outside but not in

It was a very gloomy day here with rain all day long. We had planned to have a pizza lunch and water fight with Edna and the kids. We decided that because of all the rain we would have to do it on another day. Surprizing enough Tristan was o.k. with that. We watched Toy Story 2 together while Mr. Ethan tore thru the house. Yes, the house looked like lightening hit it but what can we do.

It seams that after our talk Steve and I are feeling better and even talking to Tristan differently. I guess because we also have to understand that he is also having a hard time with all of this. I'm sure no one wants to cause it all day. I even went out to go and get some gas and stopped but the local dollar store and met another neighbour there Paula. We had a good chat.

Lisa called me to tell me her appointment went well. I am so happy for her as she is a wonderful person.

I am excited that Renee and Mara might be coming over to scrapbook on Friday night. They still have not gotten back to me but I hope it is possible. I even asked Lisa if she is able to come. I am looking forward to crop with all my girls.

I better get a shower and head to bed because last night was not one that I slept much. I think I am running on about 2 hours sleep total.

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