Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes you just need a friend

I guess in times of craziness a girl needs her sister and girlfriends. Tonight I made a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pizza and took a couple of pieces over to my girl Edna. She has been a wonderful friends ever since we moved in next door. Actually we all moved in the same day. The minute I met both her and her husband Marlon we knew that these special people would be in our life for a while. We were even pregnant together and since then she is an awesome girlfriend in my life. As I walked in we both started talking and of course everything came out of what's been happening. She understands me and knows that something was up. She made me feel better and all while I was crying and making no sense at all at some points she made it feel like she was there for me with whatever I needed and will need. I know that I can count on her.

Tonight when I think no one reads this crazy blog or maybe they do just to get a good laugh at the craziness that happens here I get a wonderful message from another special person. This one was from Camille. Camille is the lady I met on the exact day Tristan was born. Both her daughter and my son where born on the same day at the same hospital and just about 1 hour apart. The kids are the reason for my sister marrying Jay. Without Tristan coming early and Camille having Katie on the same day there would be no husband for my sister. I always tell Jay that I brought him into the relationship and I can get him out. NOw that they are married I have not used this line. He is great for my sister and I thank Camille for having a wonderful personality and me talking to everyone and anything. lol

Hubby is trying to put a smile on my face but until things are answered and I know what is going on with my big boy I have a heavy heart.

On a better note I did get to see Chloe again today. She is beautiful! I love her beautiful little face. Everytime I look at her she reminds me of my littlest peanut at 6 pounds 1 once. I brought him home at 5 pounds 11 onces.


just another stay at home mom said...

Hey us women need to support each other.......you will get through this....remember you are superwoman......don't dissappoint.......lots of love....

Veronica said...

Thanks for your support Camille.