Monday, August 04, 2008

Long Weekend Round up

Wow, you really do not know how much you really need a long weekend until one comes around. I feel like we have gotten so much done in the last 3 days it's unreal.

Friday - I was so productive today. I took Tristan swimming, did some shopping, dyed my mothers hair, did 3 loads of lundry and cleaned the back yard and basement. All because I wanted to get ready for my wonderful friends Lisa, Mara and Renee that came over for some scrapbooking. I finished all my cards and was happy that they were here. I did need to get away for a little bit even if it is in my own house. Steve had his two great friends come over Steve and Gary and they watched a movie and then as usual ate BBQ at midnight. They left at their usual time of 2:30 am.

Saturday - Steve and I had a heart to heart and decided that it was a good idea that we drop the kids off with my sister and go out for some dinner. We went down to our most favorite resturant Rocco's Plum Tomato. It was just as great there as it always has been. The food was great! I had my usual seafood pasta and Steve had his most favorite pizza. All I remember was that it tasted just incrible and it had artichokes on it, which currently are my favorite. We then headed over to The Marble Slab. It's a new ice cream shop that opened up here after being in the States for years. OMG!!! the ice cream is out of this world. Of course it was $12.00 for two cones. We had skor flavoured. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday - We went down to Steve's brother's house. Steve helped with the retaining wall they needed to build because of all the rain so the kids and I hung around with my sister in-law and mother in-law. My mother in-law was great she was running around Ethan all morning and afternoon. Left there and drove Steve down to the Toronto Football Club game. He was going to watch a soccer game with Pedro. I am happy that he was able to go and have some fun. I drove up with the kids and we just chilled because we where so tired from running around and having fun.

Monday - We decided to head over to Canada's Wonderland. Wow, was it ever busy. It took 55 minutes for the Hunted Coaster Ride Tristan wanted to go on. Ethan was fussy and started to sleep after about 2 hours we decided to come home and have lunch. The boys headed outside for a water fight. OMG!!! The boys got Steve good. I was in the house reading my book. I only had about 20 pages to read to finish this one. I must say I love Nicholas Sparks. What an awesome author. The Choice is a must read in my eyes. Loved every single page that I turned. Can't wait for my next book. I promised myself that I would find the time to read more this summer and I have read 2 books in the last week alone. I'm on a roll. I am now heading down to my scrap area and going to try and get some classes planned. Steve is out with the guy who got us together. He is a great friend of ours and we haven't seen him in quite some time. I hope he has fun. Off to go put boy number 2 in bed.


kramer_buffy said...

teh marble ice cream place rocks... except for the price... LOL!!!!

Veronica said...

You're telling me. I keep thinking about it. It was so yummy!