Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's been a not so much fun ride.

Yesterday was another not so fun night with Ethan and his new big boy bed. He hates the thing and doesn't really care if he is a big boy or not just as long as he doesn't have to sleep in the bed. Once he is asleep it really is no big deal for him in the morning and during the night he actually stays in it. Maybe I am jinksing myself but so far the nights are not the problem. Tonight out of all the nights has been the easiest to get him to sleep in it because he is sick. Poor baby didn't want to put up a fight so he just went to bed. I guess not napping all day helped him get to bed too.

As promised here is a picture of his first night in his big boy bed. That thing is 20 times his size.

Today was reserved for Chudleigh's family day. We headed out there this morning at about 11 am and of course for the first time ever Jeeves sent us to the wrong place. It was only about another 5 minutes away but indeed he was wrong for the first time. I guess I should take my personal hubby GPS next time. He works everytime.

At Chudleigh's the boys got pictures taken, took a pong ride, got their face painted, and got to play PlayStation's newest game. I can't even remember what it was called. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Tina the 21 year old horse who gives $3.00 (2 minute) rides to little ones.

My baby boy on his first horse ride. He is 21 months old and Tina the horse is 21 years old.

Tristan taking his ride on Tina.

Big Trouble, Bigger Trouble and Biggest Trouble....You can take a wild guess one which is which. lol

Me and my boys.

My sweetheart and I.

My little apple monster.

Spider Boy.

Tristan standing in the same spot as he did 3 years back. He was so small. I should really dig out that original photo and post both side by side.

The boys standing (and sitting) at the front enterance of Chudleigh's Farm.

The Mommy and Baby Birdies in their home.

After Chudleigh's Steve cleaned the whole car. It is so clean and smells great. Thanks honey! I took care of watching the nasty car seats. I tell you the things you find in them are just gross. Because we have boys, we have to wash ours often.

Received a call from my sister she wanted us to go over for dinner because our great friend David and Daniella where going to be there. We decided to go and enjoyed ourselves. Tristan was his usual shelf. I think he scared David and Daniella into not having any just yet. Ethan was sick. Poor baby he was just so out of it. I haven't seen him this way in a long time. I guess the extreme heat (35 degress) at the farm and then no nap mixed in with a air conditioned car ride just was too much for my little man. We ended up coming home early and were just happy that we were able to go out for a change. Thanks for the invite Mana. Loved it!

Here are some pictures of Maggie and the boys. These three have too much fun together.

Cousin Maggie trying to make Ethan feel better.

Tristan feeding cousin Maggie.

My sick little man sleeping at Dinha's house.

It's already 12:55 am and I should head over to bed as we have to be at the trailer in 12 hours for lunch with my parents. I will take the camera and have more pictures to share tomorrow night. I am just happy that I got 3 hours of business files inputted.

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