Sunday, July 13, 2008

Super eventful weekend

As I explained before Steve started his vacation on Friday. We started the day off by cleaning out the garage. This has been driving us crazy for the last few months where I have had flowers to do every single day. No time to clean just time to design and leave it messy. It's coming along not there yet but coming along.

Here are some of the arrangements I made for events for this weekend.
Flower Vase I created for a customer.

Close up.

25th Anniversary Arrangements. Makes these for a dear friends aunts anniversary party. I hope the weather was beautiful because they were having the party outdoors.

Rose came over and as usual I was feeling inspired. We had so much fun together. It has been since May (Croptopia) that we have not had the chance to crop together. Thanks for coming by Rose I had a wonderful time. I ended up making 3 layouts, 1 card and 1 altered mini album (covers only). I used all items in my design team on-line crop that myself and Adalis hosted. Here's some pictures of the projects.

Our layout. This layout was created because Steve and I never get to go out by ourselves. My dear sister came over and watched the kids on June 28th so that we can attend a wedding. Here is the layout I created for my hubby and I.

Created this layout for my design team with old pictures of Croptopia 2006.

Supplies: 2Gals June 2008 Kit

Not the greatest of pictures of this layout. Created this one for Ethan about his funny experience at one of my suppliers places. Kim placed her work gloves on Ethan and he started makes these funny little noises and gave us the funniest of looks. This guy is going to be the next Jim Carey. lol

Supplies: 2Gal's July 2008 Kit

Created this card for my design team. I along with the other design team member hosted a crop this weekend.

Supplies: 2Gals June 2008 Kit

We headed up to the Shawa. We had to go a little later this time since I had all the flowers to deliver. The kids had a great time playing with grandma Reis and I just enjoyed watching my mother in-law laugh and have an awesome time with the kids. We decided to put out the sprinkler and the kids had a blast for hours. It was getting late so my mother in-law and I decided to head out for some shopping to get the kids some PJ's. We had a wonderful tiem together. It has been a while since we have been able to leave my father in-law and hubby by themselves. My hubby is not the one to worry about. My poor father in-law can't run after the kids as fast and we can. lol I've attached some pictures of the kids playing in grandpa's garden.

Ethan in Grandpa Reis' Garden.

Here comes toruble. Both boys in Grandpa's Garden.

Tristan in the garden. I wonder what's going to live?

Tristan getting ready to soak Grandma Reis and I.

This morning we got dressed and headed to Ikea for their $1.00 breakfast. The kids were on their best behaviour. They must have figured out that we where there looking for bunk beds for them. We did see one that we liked but wanted to look around some more. Ended up going to The Brick (nothing nice), Sears (way too expensive for ugly items) and Leons. Found one we liked at a great price. Only $599.00 for a double on the bottom and a single up top. We still have to find matreases before we go ahead and purchase this item. I wanted to check out Bombay kids but they closed down about 7 months ago. I know I would have found something I liked the minute I walked in the door. he he he We got home at about lunch time. Steve and I headed outdoors back into the garage for another round of project baby powder clean up. Yes, we are still suffering the effects of what happened just a few short weeks ago. We cleaned all the toys and decided that the boys had too much. We tossed out a lot of broken ones and donated some they no longer play with. I ended up giving away 4 garbage bags of old toys they no longer wanted to play with. At least someone will put them to good use.

We ended up having BBQ for dinner and then took the boys to the park and a walk. Here are some great pictures that I took.

Getting ready to leave and Ethan is trying to put on his shoes. Only problem is these are Daddies and not his.

Big shoes to fill little man. Ethan thinks that he can actually wear and walk with Daddies size 12 shoes.

Daddy helping Ethan down the slide. This little man wants to be a big boy.

Tristan heading down the slide. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ethan playing in the sand at our local park.

One of the best things someone can do is stop and put your toes in the sand. It's the greatest feeling. I think I love doing this because it reminds me of when I was young and carefree.

The look of pure joy on my big boys face is priceless. I think this is why I love taking pictures of them during our everyday life.

My little man thinking that mom has gone nuts with her camera. He's saying mommy get that thing out of my face.

Here's one of the sweetest little face ever. Ethan makes my heart melt when I see this exact face thru my lense.

Even my biggest boy needed to get in on the swing action. I love that smile.

Daddy playing with Tristan on the spider climb.

The look of determination.

I took this one because we never take pictures of ourselves anymore.

Self protrait. Always behind the camera and never in front.

Silly faces with my silly boy. Always remeber to have fun with your children even if you yourself look like a huge loser.


We had a wonderful weekend and hope to continue to enjoy our vacation week with daddy.

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