Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Reis' are taking flight

I can not believe after having Disney booked for over 3 months we finally found a cheap flight. We are leaving Buffalo instead of Toronto Airport. It was going to cost us $1,500.00 to leave from Toronto and leaving from Buffalo we paid $516.00 for the whole family. I know it will be a little crazy because we actually have to leave Toronto and head to the States to board the plane but if the boys can do it to go shopping they can do it to go to Disney. I am so releaved that this is finally booked. I am super excited and so looking forward to having everything perfect for my little men. We leave in 44 days.

Ethan is finally back to normal with his sleeping habits. He loves his new bed and seams to be wanting me to baby him more during the day. At swimming he wants me to stop and kiss and give him hugs. He also plays that he is a crying little baby. I guess this is his way of saying mommy am I still your little one. What he does not understand is that he will always be my baby for the rest of his life.

It's Tristan's 2nd day at day camp and he seams to like it. Yesterday he did manage to cause soem trouble and the director of the camp was not impressed by his actions. He thought it would be funny to wet two of the councollers. They were pretty upset and so was he after he figured out he needed to use the towel he throu into the pool. It was soaked and he was mad. I guess that thought him a good lesson. The director also said that he was pretty upset when they asked him if he wanted them to call his mother. I can see that by him being upset that he finally understands that I mean business when I say I am going to do it ....I do. I guess it has taken both Tristan and myself five years to figure that out.

It's also 2 days since having Steve at home. Boy thought I would never say this but I do miss him. Things seam back to normal but it was great having him around. I enjoyed doing things as a family and am looking forward to his next holiday in a few weeks.

This week I really have to work on putting together some classes. There is no shortage of ladies wanting to take the classes just in time on my part for preparing and teaching them. I guess with two little ones that life gets pretty busy. I will be again working on entering all my invoices. This is the part of the business that I hate is entering all the data. I guess I am hoping that once this is all said and done I will be more organized for next year instead of being a year behind. I don't know where I went wrong as I have always been on top of all the paper work. I guess there is nothing more than just getting off the computer and getting onto the laptop and doing the work. Enough said I'm outta here.

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