Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tired, Mad, Surprised and Shocked

Happy First Birthday Gabrielle! We were so excited to attend our little princess' birthday. It was a beautiful sunny day and Amy did a wonderful job with the decore. The kids got to swim, play on the swings and climb just about everything and anything. Going over to Amy's house again reminds me of how much I love her house. Since the first day I layed eyes on her house and garden I fell in love. This house totally has character. It has charm and just takes my breath away. Here are soem pictures of the Birthday girl and the moms.

Our Birthday Girl.

Gabrielle and Tristan chilling in the pool.

The Moms. Left to Right: Rose, Amy, Myself and Edna

Saturday started out to be a hard day. Steve and I were at it again because of the kids. I have no idea what is going on but these kids are driving us nuts. We really need to get things sorted out before they get bad. Tristan has been acting really bad and there is nothing we can do that will fix it. Taking toys and taking away his courses' doesn't help. This kid just doesn't get that in life it's not run your way all the time. I have never met someone like him but we are soon hopefully going to get answers. Only problem is that we have been going thru hell for 5 years with the same problems. I guess once it all gets sorted out hopefully things will start looking up and not down.

Did anyone ever tell you that sisters are connected in some way. I feel that way with my sister. I did not call her nor did I say anything when she called that morning. All I heard on the line was she wanted to take me for a manicure and pedicure. It was Jay's (my brother in-law) treat and she was going to take no for an answer. I feel bad when she wants to pay for it but agreed that I would go. I think that deep down she knew that my heart was hurt. We went to our usual place (Venus Nails) and of course there she was with a Starbucks in hand for both of us. I sat down and told her about my day. My sister always has a way of making me see things in another light. I did notice that she tried to make me feel better but at the same time explaining that sometimes we say things that we know will hurt the other just to get a reaction. I should know first hand since Steve says I do this all the time. I guess we do not notice our flaws. After our time together a huge rock was lifted off my shoulders and I did realaize that sometimes we should stop and listen to one another instead of letting the kids problems get the better of us. I did feel a bit better about the whole thing once I got home. We ended up watching two movies together something we haven't done in awhile.

I also got to do a little something for my sister in-law. I did explain about the lunch Nancy invited us to. It was something she was planning and looking forward to so I thought I wanted to do something special for her. I made her this chipboard album so that she can place all the pictures of the lunch with the two familes.

Lunch at Mandarin with the Dias and Reis Families. We had a nice time and the food is always great. lol Nancy looked wonderful and enjoyed the album I made her. I was happy because usually someone who doesn't scrapbook really does not know how much we put into making a little something.

Here are some pictures.

Nancy, Jason and Ethan.

Nancy, Jason and Tristan.

The Reis Side.

The Dias Side.

I am happy that we were all able to get together. It was a nice lunch together with family. Something we usually don't get to enjoy too often with everyone's busy lives.

Now today is where the shock gets into to play. Steve and I had a intense talk something we never do because he hates to talk and like he puts it, I talk too much. Too bad we did not get to continue with it as my girlfriend Lisa wanted to come by to drop off the deposit but also to sit a scrap a little. We got to talking and me telling her how crazy things were here. With the boys going nuts on me every single day and we got to talking about her upcoming engagement. Yes, her and Kris are taking a trip to Italy and will be stopping in Paris, France to get engaged. How romantic is that. Everyone needs a fairy tale at least once in their life. They are a great couple and I can't wait until it actually happens. Once we got talking to the wedding she tells me that she wants me to be her maid of honour. I was in total shock. I am honoured and am looking forward to helping her plan her wedding. Another wedding to look forward to. I was so happy about her news and that she was able to be here and let me release some of my fusteration. Thank you my dear friend.

The boys are putting me thou the ringer. They really love driving me up the walls. It started this morning with me noticing that the seat belts were again removed from the car seats. I just had to look at Tristan and he knew that he had upset me again. What in the world goes thru his mind when he is doing something like that. I guess I will never know but he better not press my buttons.

It has taken me 1.5 hours to try and get Ethan down for a nap. He is finally asleep and now it is time for lunch. Off to go and prepare lunch and get dinner started. I am going to take some time and finish the cards I started last night while Lisa was here. I have also invited two friends to pop by on Friday night for some scrapbooking.

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