Thursday, August 28, 2008

What an incredible that will not soon be forgotten.

I am still in shock after tonight's concert. I can not tell you how happy I am that I got the chance to actually see Celine live. I want to explain it in so many words and you still can not imagine how awesome it was without being there. Steve even enjoyed himself. The costumes where just stunning, the songs where great and Celine did an awesome job with her beautiful voice. God has given her a gift that's for sure.

First part of tonight that make me happy was Steve and I were able to go out to dinner and have a meal without any children screaming and up getting upset at one another. We went to Canyon Creek for dinner and everything was perfect. I had chicken with their Canyon Salad and Steve had the stuffed chicken with a Caesar salad. I enjoyed a blueberry and pomegranate martini. It was so yummy and for the first time I did not get drunk on one drink. I think that I have been working on getting better with having a few more martini's. lol We shared a pecan pie dessert. This was not your usual pecan pie. I want to go back for more. Maybe next time we will just have the dessert. Dinner could have not been anymore perfect.

Then we get to the ACC and get to our seats which are all the way up in the nose bleed section. I complained a little to my husband and his return answer was that when he asked me which I would prefer I said nothing too expensive. I will be happy to just get to go and see her. Yeah, right. We where sitting in our seats for about 15 minutes when a gentleman comes up and says today is your lucky day follow me. So we did. There was about 12 of us sitting in that section at the time. He asked us to place our original tickets on the table and gave us new tickets. Steve looked at them and said honey we need to go back down. I thought wow we get to go down towards the back. But nooooooooooo way we got the 20th row. Seats 19 & 20. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me. I was so excited that I think everyone could see. I can not believe this happened to me. What an incredible night! Thank you honey this was an awesome Birthday gift.

Here are some pictures:

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just another stay at home mom said...

That happened to us at the Police concert....we were moved from section 300's to the 100's...the show wasn't sold out they move people down so the perfomer is looking out at a full audience...sneaky! Glad you had did you get such clear pictures...mine are always so blurry...guess I jump around too much!