Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's here...It's here.....

Went to pick up the mail before going to pick up Steve and the Disney reservations and tickets arrived today. They even sent us luggage tags that are truely beautiful. They have a picture of the castle with glitter and the quote "Where dreams come true". I hope they do and give me and Steve a little time away from everything with our boys. I should really scan one in but I am sure that the glittered part will not show up. Can you tell that this has been the highlight of my day.

I got the chance after trying to put Ethan to bed (took 3 hours) to take a nap. I got up and shortly afterwards my dear friend Edna called. We had a chat and I got some stuff off my chest. Edna is one of my greatest friends for understanding and being there just at the right time. She also seeing what I go throu in one day with my two little boys. She also has two of the cutest little ones around, Jaden and Noah. I still think of Jaden as my own because he has always been in our lives and Noah is just my sweetie. I love those little boys and always enjoy their visits.

Better get going as I still have to decide what I am cooking for dinner. I really do not feel like eatting anything but I guess I have to still feed everyone else in here. lol

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