Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This must be the military

I guess I was a little confused this morning when Ethan got me up at 6am because I thought I was all of a sudden in the military. I guess with the training I have had in this house it's easy to see I would fit right in. These days are getting longer and I honestly just wish Ethan was a little older so he can just be a little more level headed. Wow, I thought I had one busy one but two makes for an interesting day. I can tell you stories that your head would spin. Of course I do not want their future wives to ever find out all the trouble they've caused for fear that they would never move on with their lives.

I am really not feeling like doing much today. There is a local circus happening that I should take my two circus performers to but we will see how the day moves along. Steve is coming home late and I am looking forward to having him enjoy his soccer game. He really needs to get out and enjoy. There's no point in having two running after these two. I just hope that by the time he gets back that I will be tucked away in bed.

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