Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's time to party

I finally figured out how to add music to my blog. I hope you enjoy some of the songs I have picked. These are some of my favs. The prayer is my all time favorite as it is sung by Celine Dion. This was my wedding song. It still to this day brings happiness to my heart when I hear it. All I remember is finally being married to the man that I love arriving in the Mayan and heading up to our hotel room. We were so young at 23 and so happy that we were finally able to start our life together that we sobbed into each others arms. That is a memory that I will never forget. It was the most romantic moment in my life. I guess everyone in life thinks of romance in different ways.

Steve went back to work yesterday and things were just crazy for me. Needing to get back into routine I ended up forgetting about an appointment I had made. I felt horrible but I guess in all the years I have been in business that it would have to happen at some point in my life. What a crazy time it has been. Things here have settled down a little. We got the answers from the doctor we needed to hear with Tristan. We as a family will work thou this all and be o.k. I am happy that we are working hard to make everything work. I guess that is what everyone strives to achieve in their lives.

I am really looking forward to Disney as the days get closer the more excited I feel. I think being away from everything and having the magic of Disney will help us all relax and enjoy. I think we are going to have a blast....at least I hope we do. I am trying hard to make it run smoothly for the kids.

Saturdays cousins BBQ was a lot of fun. I was a little pissed at Steve because he seams to think in life that the only thing we should be on time for is a soccer game. I want to see that if I tell him he needs to start attending his soccer games an hour later than it starts how that will sit with him. I think he is turning into a mini version of his father with the no going out and certainly not enjoying himself when we do. I only hope it doesn't take this young guy too many years to figure out that family comes first even before soccer games. He does have two special little boys to be a role model too. I'll have to upload pictures of the BBQ later tonight when the boys are not hanging off me.

I better get going as I would love to take a shower this morning. I guess we can say in this house if I do get a shower a day it's a treat.

"I'll see you when I see you"....Rachel Ray

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