Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My eyes are bruning

As one my of my dear friends says on some occasions my eyes are burning. What an awful night or rather I should say string of many nights. Ethan finally likes his big boy bed and can actually fall asleep in it except for the fact that he gets up like 15 to 20 times a night. I do not know why this is happening but I am telling you it makes life a lot harder as he is a very busy boy during the day with little or no nap and then comes the night when you think you could relax and sure enough this all starts. Both Steve and I are just exhausted with all this. I can't believe that all kids are like this because if they were I know most people would have the first and just stop there. lol I thought since he got me up at 5 am I should just stay up actually put some make up on and get ready for my shopping trip. I am feeling horrible to have to leave Steve with the kids all day but I also need the chance to get some stuff without them on my behind all the time. I hope that they are at least one ounce good for him. He will be crown an angel one day, rather I should say we both since we are in this together.

Have an awesome day!

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