Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An update since it has been some time...

Wow, I can not believe I have stayed away for this long. I have been itching to come and blog but life has got me. Friday was awesome as I went out with a friend to one of my favorite places. She took me to Baton Rouge for dinner. We talked, laughed and just had an awesome time. Thanks for the dinner!

Saturday, well I thought since out on Friday night that Saturday would be out of the question. My sister suggested going for a mani and pedi and sure enough I was in. We had tons of fun as usual and got our usual deal at Hallmark. I don't know what it is with the mixture of us both being together but we manage to find the most unbelievable deals on the market. This time I even talked my sister into painting her toe nails black with designs on the big toe. Looks totally cool and she was going along with it because she was having a rock band party. I headed home and then off to Alexis' house for some scrappin' fun. OMG!!! We had a blast. I stayed until 1:30 am. Alexis anytime you need someone to scrap with I am there. Looking forward to August 22nd babe.

Sunday morning Lisa, Rose and Mitzi took my Basic Grey Layout class. We totally had a blast and actually finished it on time. I really enjoy teaching these gals as they are an easy bunch and tons of fun. Lisa, had us in stitches the whole time. Thanks for the great class ladies and the many laughs. Spent the rest of the evening with the boys and we even went down to Jason and Nancy's for a visit. It was nice to see Nancy looking great. I am so happy with the way things have turned out with Steve and his brother.

Monday we went to Steve doctors appointment and found out that he needs minor surgery on his eye. I'm telling you that these boys are out for us. Ethan scratched his eye when he was younger and it has only been problems since then. I hope that getting this procedure done that this will be the end of the eye problems.

Today has been a wonderful day. I got to go to the buildings to deliver the baskets and sat for a while shooting the shit with Anthony. I tell you he is a wonderful friend and I am really blessed to have him and Antonella in my life. Then headed to Stamping Bella to do some shopping for my gals over at 2Gals Scrappin'. Got all the Bellas and then headed to visit one of my upcoming bride's. Another sweetie. Thanks to Monica and Josie for sending me another wonderful couple. These two are great and I can't wait to see them on their wedding day. Then it was off to go to my suppliers. I ran around and did a load and a half of shopping. I'm telling you Steve should not let me out without the kids. This could mean trouble. he he he What he doesn't know doesn't hurt him. I guess he will be reading this when he returns to work next week. Just remember I love you honey. Tomorrow will be even more trouble as I am heading across the boarder with Mrs. Rose. I can see there being a lot of shopping and tons of laughs. We always have a blast together. Rose is saying that we might need to rent a truck when returning home. I think I will be in trouble. I am going to go and check out clothes for our trip. Woo Hoo!!!! Only 24 more days until we leave. Can you tell I am really excited to be sitting and having breakfast with Cinderella.

My two highlights for today was first getting the chance to meet my great friend Tara's little princess. She is beautiful but she wasn't too crazy for auntie Vern. :( I guess I will get her on one of her better days. Second, my little man pee'd in the toilet for the first time. He has this time he always says, " I gotta go pee" and we always take him and he makes the sound and that's about it. Tonight he said it just before Steve was jumping in the shower with him and sure enough he actuall did it at 6:25 pm. I am so happy that he is starting to tell us exactly what he wants. He is still 21 months and tomorrow the 13th he is 22 months.

I must go for now as I have to go check out new couches. Yes, the oil situation is still here and the only way to get things back to normal is with new couches. I'm telling you they say it costs 1 million to rise each kid while mine should be hitting about double that with everything they have broken in this house.

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