Thursday, August 07, 2008

When it rains it pours vegatable oil

I'm going to start off by saying if you think you have a boring life come and live with me for a day and you can imagine your thoughts on that will change. Today was a nice rainy day that started off with me taking Tristan to swimming classes in the monring and then taking both boys to the library for the reading program. Ethan woke up at his usual 6:30 AM and decides that he does not want to partake in the reading program. We ended up leaving early. Came home and it was around 11:30 am so I tried putting him down for a nap. Well he wanted to give me a run for my money and decided that today again would be a hard day. I was still upstairs and heading down when I heard Tristan tell me that his brother was causing a lot of trouble. I head down to find one of my couches covered in vegatable oil. Believe me when I say I was upset but didn't think twice about picking up my camera and taking pictures. Here they are. We cleaned until about 8 pm. We need to remind everyone that after washing the floors about 3 times that socks are not a good idea when coming over for the next little while.

I didn't do a thing mom.

Oh no!!!!

Decided to take in the coushions to see if my friends hubby can get them clean before I go buy new ones. We will see what happens tomorrow. Stopped by my parents house to kill some time so that I wouldn't have to be house and have them run in it all day. The kids had a blast with poor Sparky. I do not think this poor dog is use to having children around because he just kept running after Tristan over and over again.

And the're off!

Ethan is pretending to be Sparky.

He's at it again with the water. No ever leaves any back yard dry when Tristan is around.

Left parents and headed to the park. We found a new place up in King City. There was no one there except us and we played and screamed and had tons of fun.

Look at me mom.

Causes trouble like crazy but is cute as ever.

Me after a long day

I think out of this whole day the best was the look on Steve's face yet again. Poor man always comes home to craziness. I'm surprised he always finds his way back. At least we got to watch a movie together. We watched Harold and Kumar. Funny but more geared towards men than women. Some parts were really funny and others where gross. I guess you will have to see it to understand what I am taking about.


just another stay at home mom said... powder, vegetable oil...what's next?....I think you have to put those kids in crates while you leave the room.....LOL....joking!!! I tell ya there would be no visiting or park if one of my rugrats did that...grounded for a week...for life!!....good luck vern...

Barbara said...

Hey Vern. I've been checking out your blog lately. (I don't remember how I came across it). Anyway, your boys' antics take me back a few years to when my boys were small. I remember one day when Matt was three and he cracked a dozen eggs on our brick fireplace. I wasn't laughing at the time, let me tell you.

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