Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The invites are out

I can not believe that I planned the parties (we are having two), designed and printed invitations, and they are ready to be placed in the mail tomorrow morning. We've decided that having two parties is going to be less stressful for me. I know I just have too much on my plate and on top of all that Ethan's birthday falls on Thanksgiving day. We will still have Thanksgiving but it will be his birthday party with our parents and siblings and then the Saturday night before his birthday will be the party with just the friends he has on the street. We kept it small because we are just having it in our home. It's just 9 children and 2 babies. I am excited about him finally turning two. Since about 3 weeks ago he keeps telling me he is a big boy so this will make it final that he is no longer a baby and now a toddler. He also loves singing the birthday song and who doesn't love cake.

If I do say so myself he is doing a great job practising.

When I was trying to come up with an invitation for our family party this is what I came up with and also found on the net:

Our little Pumpkin, Ethan, Is turning two!

Join us for a party and Thanksgiving Turkey too.

How cute is that. I found the first part on the computer and the second I came up with because I needed something that rhymed. I thought is was sweet and even more so that I finished it within about 10 minutes from print to mounting and placing inside the envelope. I am one happy woman tonight not only because I finally am able to relax with the parties planned but tomorrow both kids are away from the house and I am able to get some stuff done.

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