Friday, December 05, 2008

Hot off the press.....Snap Woodbridge

I was able to drive out to Woodbridge this morning to pick up a few copies of the Snap Woodbridge December Issue that featured Crop for the Cure on page 21. I am so excited to see pictures of a few of our scrapper's and very dear friends.

I did also notice some mistakes were made in some of the info. The event ran for 12 hours and not just 5 as listed. Also my hair was donated to Angel Hair for Kids. Bottom Left Side Picture of Marg and Alexis not Marg, Lexis. All the rest of the info is correct.

It still makes me happy to see it still being talked about all over Vaughan. The funny part of it is I get people walking up to me at my son's school saying, "hey I saw your picture in the newspaper. Thanks for doing a great thing." I have also been able to meet some wonderful ladies who are survivors. I thank them for giving me the inspiration to continue. I will try with all my might to continue this wonderful event every year.


Clare said...

awesome newspaper spread Vern, and I'm not just saying that because that's my grinning face right at the top with Paula!!!!!
It was an amazing day and I love you for everything you did to make it run so smoothly. My mom is a breast cancer survivor (almost 4 years, yay Mom!) and I know that it is these small and big donations that will help researchers cure this horrible disease. I pray that soon we will not have to live with the spectre of cancer hanging over us.

Blessings of the Advent season to you and your family my sweet friend, mwaaah

just another stay at home mom said...

Congratulations on being such a great person and always putting others first!. We need more Vern's in our world!

Barbara said...

Very cool!