Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Santa Baby

We took the kids to Ikea for breakfast with Santa. I don't know if it was the fact that the boys got a little more sleep than usual but they were really behaving themselves. I truly enjoyed getting up at 6:30 am to go have a shower and then spending an awesome morning with my 3 men.

Tristan with Santa.

My little man with Santa. Ethan was not impressed.

Ethan and Mommy taking a fun picture together.

We met up with Rose and because I felt so bad about forgetting her and Dave's anniversary this year I made her an arrangement they all could enjoy. I wanted to make something that would fit in nicely with her decore and also her husband's hobbie. To me this is what the Bollotto Christmas would look like so this is what I came up with. I fell in love with it as it was so cute that I made one for myself. I usually don't use carns but to tell you the truth they look awesome for Christmas and last a long time. I need a good three weeks out of it. I've attached some pictures of the arrangement tree I made them and the arrangement I made for myself. Everyone who has stopped by has complemented that they love it.

Arrangement I made for Rose.

Close up of Rose's Arrangement.

My Arrangement sitting on my counter.

Arrangement Close Up

I have been watching BT i the mornings again. I watched it for years before having children and since then it has been off and on. For the last couple of months I have been back to watching every single day. This year for the holidays they are asking viewers to make handmade ornaments for their studio trees. You should see what viewers have been sending in. Beautiful pieces of work. I wanted to make something different then my usual style but an ornament that reflected winter life in our very own backyard. So here is a picture of the ornament I sent in. Oh yeah there is also a chance to win a $1,000 laptop. We all know where this story is going. I still have yet to replace the laptop Tristan pulled the keys off so I am keeping all my cross ables crossed that I will be that winner. At least you know if I win that you will hear me. Good Luck to all who enter. Maybe you should too. Check out their new webite. Address: www.bttoronto.com

My handmade ornament for BT.

I taught a class tonight for a very dear friend and her mother. Her mother is leaving on Friday to retire in Italy. She will be missed. Lisa is heading down their to bring her mother down and also to get engaged. I am so excited as it will be official. I am the maid of honor and am so delighted she picked me. I will so be in wedding mode. Watch out everyone this is one maid of honor you do not want to mess with. Wishing you a safe trip and happy engagement. Wish I was there to celebrate. We will have our party when you return.

After class I decided since no one was around to take a picture of my tree with all the lights turned on and one little person running around it. So it has been up for a while and the boys really do not care. They've moved on to the nutcracker. I wonder if he will survive.

Our tree.

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CdnSweetheart said...

thanks veronica...i wish you could be there too! can't wait to show you my new bling...nothing beats having a maid of honour to be reckoned with!!! yeah baby!