Friday, March 27, 2009

Flowers, Flowers and more flowers....

The minute midnight hits it will be my mother's 60th birthday. I can not believe she is 60 and sure enough know that one day I will get there too. I am getting excited about the surprise birthday party she has no clue about. I must admit we have been pretty good and not talking about it or even showing any extra interest in her birthday. I know when we scream out Happy Birthday tomorrow a part of her is going to be sad that we did not throw her a party but we are surprising her at my sister s house. I just finished 4 orders of flowers and also made a special one for her with butterflies (her favorite) and pink (another one of her favorites). We will have lunch together tomorrow. I even went as far as purchasing a shirt so she can open. She is going to think this year we have gone nuts and have not given even an once of our energy into her birthday. She keeps mentioning to my father that it is her 60th. Wait until next week when we surprise the hell outta her. She is not expecting it nor has she suspected anything is going on. My father doesn't even know everything we have planned for that day. I know we are good.

I've attached some pictures of my mother's arrangement. I still have another 16 to do tomorrow for another event (Bridal Shower).

My mother's 60th Birthday Arrangement

Close up of arrangement.
I need to get some sleep tonight as I am hosting the Gossip Hour tomorrow from 8 to 9 pm over at 2Gals Srappin' if you want to come and check it out.
Have an awesome day tomorrow everyone!

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The Asian Pear said...

wow. those are gogeous. i'm sure she'll love them. :)