Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Messy Situation

Thought since I promised I would share some more pictures from Croptopia I would also share the pictures of the day before leaving. I was noticing as I was trying to pack that it was really quite in the boys room. I grabbed my camera and headed to Tristan's room to find a huge mess. Ethan is wonderful at dumping all the bins of toys but this day he decided to do one better and dump all the clothes baskets sitting at the top of Tristan closet. How this little person got up there is shocking, but he did. It took me so long to clean it all up. Of course both of them watched while I cleaned.

Now for Croptopia pictures. I guess I must have been born to love flowers. They make me so happy. Just looking at them and smelling their sweet scents lifts up my spirits. So everyone knows when I die that my funeral home will be filled with flowers, laughter and scrapbooks. This is how I want people to remember me. I only want stories of good times and believe you me there are some pretty interesting stories. Now that we got my funeral planned out I can show you the pictures of the beautiful lilac bunches that surround the town of Westport, Ontario. I am always amazed at the beauty within this little town just because of the lilac bushes. We stopped by the side of the road, of course it smelled great but when you got too close the mosquito's were out in full force. So my dear friends Rose and Alexis stayed in the car watching as I was getting eaten alive. I picked a huge bunch and placed them in our room for the weekend. I had to stop before heading back to pick another bunch that I have been enjoying at home this week. My bride's that have stopped by have loved them. I think I should go up to Westport when I need awesome long lasting lilacs.

Alexis with the lilac in her mouth. I guess this is the picture she wants me to carry around when showing her off. She knows what I mean. he he he

Here we are three aliens or at least trying to be. I constructed the base of the atenas and Alexis added the balls. Need I say more. lol

Here we are and our dear Clare is all on her lonesome. I really wish we would have a picture of all four of us together.

I am loving these close up pictures. Here is one of Clare and I.

Our table mascot. We were the Space Ballz.
This year we came in last and the Gazoo's team came in I believe 3rd or 4th. From last year's 1st and 2nd place it just shows us we need to work harder next year. It also did not help that we only had 12 ladies and from the 12 only about 6 took part. There's always next year.
Here is our rival team. The Gazoo's. Every year we try and beat each other.

Susan hosted a challenge that you needed to make a card out of everything in the plastic baggie and the only thing you can add was embellishments. So ink and stamps and anything that was consist of an embellishment. I was shocked because my card was picked. It was all anonymous and my card was placed at number 22.

While walking to our car we noticed someone van and all the killings that went on during their drive. Wow that is a lot of mosquito's.
Like I always say what happens at Croptopia stays at Croptopia so these are the only stories I can share with you. All I can stay is it was one of the best years. The laughing almost burst our gut, the bathrooms have stories, Alexis has the funniest was of wrapping herself in a blanket because she looks like a hot dog when she is done, Rose had huge eyes (looked like a bug we would see up in those parts) from an allergic reaction to make up, Clare had some business with the Rooster (how did he get back on camp?) and we can't forget the snake. I can now say I have seen it all.
Off to go and place my orders and try and get to bed.

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Clare said...

What great pictures Vern, I LOVE them!!! the lilacs smelled so good in the room all weekend. Love that photo of you and me, good times girlfriend, good times! and yes, what happens in Croptopia stays in Croptopia, lol!