Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome June

I can not believe when I get up in the morning we are already in June. It's going to be a super busy month and I am looking forward to experiencing it all. Just this upcoming week I have appointments, appointments, appointments. I am hoping to come on here more than last month and just post pictures and talk about everything going on in our life.

I wanted to take a moment to send out props to my cousins in Bermy (Bermuda). I that you come on and read about our crazy life. I miss you and love you. I think about you all often and can't wait until we meet again. Maybe when the boys are older I'll bring out to Bermy.

Still doing the Dr. Poon's diet. It's actually working well. I have another week from Tuesday before I go in and see him but am looking forward to seeing what he says. I want to see if I lost the 12 pounds in the first two weeks. I hope so. If not I will be super disappointed as I have been drinking 3 litres of water a day. That is the hardest part of the diet.

I'm tried so off I go to bed. Have an awesome night!

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