Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Livin La Vida Loca

This is my new line for my life right now. I am having a blast living it. This month we have our 8 year wedding anniversary, my dear friend Rose's birthday, Hawaiian Luau All Day Crop (*3 spots left), Tristan's dance recital, my father in-laws 60th birthday, my brother in-law's birthday, my sister in-laws baby shower, my husband's birthday, father's day and plus all of my events that I am doing flowers for. Let's just say that with all this running around I should lose at least something by the end of the month. Today is 1 week since starting Dr. Poon's. I am proud of myself and think that I can do this. I need to do this for myself. I will also in the next couple of weeks start the biggest loser club. I already have 3 people plus myself. I am looking for another 6 to join. We will be meeting monthly and at the end of 2009 we will award the biggest loser a $500 shopping spree. I am really excited about starting this and it also helps our incentives. You know everyone will try for a certain incentive. For me it would be to make my life better for myself, my husband and my kids. I want more energy (I know you all say I have way too much) and also to finally be able to fit into a pair of Versace Jeans. Maybe that 500 will go into those. he he he So 1 week I have lost 8 pounds.

Just wanted to leave you with a couple of pictures of arrangements I did over the weekend. Four events over last weekend a funeral, a corporate retirement party, 2 boys communions. I am getting a lot better with taking pictures. Now to print them all and put them into albums.
Boys Communion

Corporate Retirement Arrangement

Heading out to make some purchases and some appointments before coming back to make my appointments. I have 5 days free in the next three weeks for appointments. Let's see how fast that gets booked up. :)
Have an awesome day!

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