Friday, July 17, 2009


I think this week has pulled a toll on me. This week I got to spend some time with just Tristan alone as Ethan went to daycare on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday we headed to the movies to watch UP in 3D. I loved the movie but was not impressed with the 3D effects of the movie. We actually ended up watching it not wearing the glasses.

Wednesday was not a good day for me as the kids were driving me nuts. I ended up eating a small slice of pizza and was so disappointed with myself. After almost 8 weeks and I finally made a boo boo. Oh well, this does happen but I just picked myself back up and continued with my diet. I have stuck to it so no more problems.

Yesterday I got the chance to go to my suppliers in the morning and then head back to Starbucks to meet my cousin Gilda for coffee. We had a wonderful chat. Tristan was a good boy so we headed home and had Nathaniel and Jaden over to play. They played the whole afternoon.

Today however Ethan is at it again. Causing as much trouble as he can get himself into. I was checking out Today's Parent website ( to see what they where up to for kid's summer and noticed they were right here in Markham at the circus. Was going to take the boys until Ethan just could not stop it so I decided they were staying home to have a boring day. As I am typing this in order to not get stressed out him is causing even more trouble. I can't imagine the things he does happens at anyone else's house but mine. Oh I can not wait until these boys grow up and have children of their own. I for sure will not be around as I will be travelling with my dear husband. Or at least that is what we want to do with our life when the boys get older and no longer want to spend time with us but their girlfriends/wives.

I am excited to finally announce that my sister is expecting her first child. I know I have kept it from all of you but wanted to wait until she told our parents and also Jay's side. I am over the moon in delight and am proud of her. My big sister will become a mommy soon. I can not wait until I get the phone calls of that little person causing as much trouble as mine did and still do. I can not wait to welcome this little one into our life.

My sister in-law is still waiting for our little Brody to arrive. We only have 30 days until his arrival. Can't wait!

I better get going as there is trouble being caused and I must attend to it.


just another stay at home mom said...

well I can't believe I found this out on your blog....Lucy owes me a phone call!!...

Veronica said...

@ Camille, We the family just found out. I know my sister was calling you and I thought she had gotten the chance to talk to you. I am so sorry.

just another stay at home mom said...

vern....I am not angry so no apology needed...I am however disappointed with Jay...he has been our friend for 15 years and should have called us sooner especially since we have always treated him as family.

Clare said...

Wow, Congratulations to all! When is she due?

Veronica said...

@Clare, Thank you. She is due in January.