Monday, September 21, 2009

Crazy Weekend of flowers

I think I have explained that this year was something I have never seen before but the wedding industry has gone insane. Yup, I have weddings every single weekend and some weekends even more than one. This weekend was no different. I had three 50th anniversary parties, one funeral, one wedding and flower orders.

This weekend was also one of my wonderful customers wedding and was delighted with the colours that I went with. The house flowers looked awesome and the bride was stunning. I wish them both a very happy and long marriage. Have fun on your honeymoon Steph and Jose.

Here is a picture of the large pieces.

Here is the funeral arrangement.

I wish I had the time to take pictures of all the other arrangements that went out but time was of the essence. I hope everyone had a wonderful time at all their events.
I would also like to thank Alexis for staying up late with me in order to go back to the hall at 1:30 am and to Rose for hosting an awesome birthday party. Thanks for keeping my diet in your menu. That really means a lot to me.


Claudia and Luke said...

I think your arrangements are getting better and better......they are beautiful

Carolyn said...

They look stunning! Absolutely gorgeous arrangements. Love the purple!