Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning and we've already been up for 4 hours with the boys. These boys get up so early every single morning. I just wish once that I would wake up at noon on a Sunday. Ok noon might be a bit much but some time after 9 am would be great.

We are trying again to potty train Mr. Ethan and again this is not going well. I can so see him going into JK in September still wearing his diaper. One of my worst nightmares.

Today is my mommies 61st birthday. We are heading over to my sister's house for some Chinese food and ice cream cake. Lord help me because these are all the things I can not have but have to sit there while everyone eats the yummiest Chinese food around while I smile and say I really do not want some. This is the second birthday in a week. My mother in-laws birthday was Monday but we celebrated on Sunday.

Yesterday I did a sweet 16th birthday party. I am tired but am happy with all the beautiful things I created for Cassandra. She is a sweet kid. I'll share some pictures later when I upload them all.

Off I go wish me luck that I will stay strong and only have a little bit of this and a little bite of that.

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Marian said...

I'm a new reader and this is my first comment. I've got the same nightmare about my son. He's going to start JK in September as well and he's not potty trained either. We've tried everything but nothing seems to work. He refused to poo for 3 days because we took his diapers away. He flat out told us he was keeping the poo inside because he didn't want to use the potty. I was worried so I finally gave in this morning and pretty much begged him to poo in his diapers. I told him he could go to his room, or to the bathroom or into our closet - he likes his privacy. He picked our closet and had a nice big poo in his diaper. He's winning and I don't know what to do! You're not alone in the potty training "war"!

Veronica said...

@ Marian - Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one who is having a hard time.

The funny thing is I potty trained my older son in one day. I told him your a big boy today and put the underwear on him. From that day on there was never a problem and he threw out his diapers.

I think a lot of times the biggest problem is the diaper companies make these diapers way too much fun.

We also got my guy too use to being changed right away. So he comes up and tells me he just pooped or peed and needs to be changed. So he knows what's going on.

With my older son I meet this wonderful lady by the name of Teri Crane. She wrote the book Potty Train your child in just one day. I read it and that was that with Tristan (older son). Tonight I am taking the book out again and am going to re-read it again. It's an awesome book and retails for about $20.00 CAD. It's a must read.

Hope that some of this info helps you.