Monday, July 04, 2011

Baking Day

Good Evening Everyone,
I am finally able to come on here more than once a month. Life has been insane. I now have a 8 year old. I still can't believe my little or I should say my biggest boy is now 8. His communion is in a couple of weeks (still not ready) and I have a million and one things still to do. Dance recital is coming up and every single weekend is booked solid for me. I am going crazy.
Today I spent the day with some of my girlfriends (moms of the school) and we baked for our schools blessing this upcoming Wednesday night. We had a wonderful time. Ended up making hundreds of cookies in 7 hours but finished every single one of them. Thanks to all the wonderful moms who came out. I have enjoyed all of our baking and hope that everyone enjoys our cookies on Wednesday night.
I am delighted to see everyone posting about the meal plan. Once I get a little more time I will update it as I have a ton and a half of stuff that I have added to my daily plan. I would love to include it into an updated one. If you are requesting a meal plan please include your e-mail. If you don't I have no way of getting the information to you.
Off I go getting my work done. I look forward to reading about all of you wonderful remarks.
Good Night Everyone!


h said...

Hi Veronica Loved reading yours successes!! very motivating. I would really appreciate receiving your diet plans.

Ana said...

Hi Veronica, I've been really encouraged and motivated by your blog. Heading to see Dr Poon tomorrow, would love a copy of your phase 1 two week menu.